The Football Thread


I know it’s a bit limited on here, but those who go, show an interest, share your experience, thoughts with us.


Cometh the hour . . . :wink:


PSG won his first trophy of the season against Lyon in the champions trophy game



Don’t feck with the Klopp.


Cardiff City is my team and nothing seems to have changed from last season. Started yesterday with a 0-0.


He’s a psycho !!!


You’d know all about psychos!


I was there that night, unbelievable scenes. :astonished:




So imaginative about their haircuts :laughing:



My hatred is intense.


Like their bothered £€£€£€£€£€£


He have to change the coiffeur :smiley: !


I thought this was a good, Nice football club will be wearing this shirt, with the name of all the victims, killed recently in the terrorist attacks, for their game this weekend.


…Think we need to sort our defence out.


Nah you don’t, keep it as it is .:wink:
A good day sat on my arse watching footy all afternoon, 2 good games today.


Well I’ve been flicking between the footie and the Olympic Golf. Now Gymnastics. - Seriously, I need 5 pairs of eyes.


Tomorrow it`s the heady heights of Scottish Championship football as me and the kids go up to Tannadice to watch Dundee United v Ayr United.( cue deep joy and excitement ). Mon the Arabs.:pensive:




Are you missing him Anthony ? I watched PSG the other night and Cavani was shite !!