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The Last CD You Bought

I take it you liked the first three you bought last week ?

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Steve, I have seen the band twice. First time at the Millenium, albeit a very short set at the 1999 Rugby World Cup Final and then in Dundee a couple of years ago supported by Fireroad ( from Aberdare I think ). More recently saw Kelly Jones on Sky Arts interview and also bought Don`t Let The Devil Take Another Day.
I have known the hits for years and bopped around Treherbert in a kilt to Monophonics who were the ultimate tribute act. Kelly Jones is a fantastic singer coming from a long line of fantastic singers from the Valleys. Some of them sell records and some sing in the rugby club of a weekend. :smiley:

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Giant Sky

As i like Soup, i was tempted by Giant Sky but wasn’t that keen on the tracks i heard before release - maybe the female vocals are not doing it for me.

Let us know what you think once you’ve had a listen.

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