The Last CD You Bought


Peter Gabriel 4
It’s been on my hit list for a long long time.


Supernova - Ray Lamontagne (still haven’t listened to it yet though!)


Happoradio - Elefantti (You all must know this Finnish band :wink: )


The best of Bill Withers… :cool:


Like this artist too;a great voice and some good folk stuffs :wink:


Kat Edmonson and St. Vincent eponymous


Peter Gabriel - Back To Front (2 CD / 2 Blu-Ray + Deluxe Book)

Recommendation for the BluRay!!



Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti


so we are allowed to put images in topics then?..great :smiley:


Did someone say you couldn’t?


no but I thought it wasn’t allowed on the old forum,that’s why I asked


It’s all good :ok_hand:


The Winery Dogs


A very good album :smiley:


Been listening to it in the car on my commute - enjoying it, glad that I bought tickets to see them at The Slade Rooms in a week and a bit.


Lucky you goin to the Wolverhampton gig I fancied it but I’m goin to see Dream Theater a couple of days before so it would be a bit close . Would have liked to have seen Portnoy/Sheehan playing together tho - What a rhythm section :smiley:


Sebastien Bach the next night! Just bought my Robert Plant tickets


I saw him supporting Guns n Roses and was very impressed, he still looks the same as he did in his Skid Row days . The Git :wink:

Thats why I love living in the West Midlands - you’re never short of gigs to go to :smiley:


The Cure, Standing on the Beach.