The last gig you went to


The pic wasn’t taken by me. I downloaded it from FB.


A krazy kouple of weeks for me
A week in Kazakhstan in Almaty and Astana. Dressing up as Boy George last night (se FB if you want a laugh)
And then this week…

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
KOKO , Camden, London
15th April 2015**

What a gig
My eldest son gave me and my youngest son tickets for this gig for our birthdays.

What a night.
My first gig at the Koko which is just a beautiful venue in Camden Town about half a mile from Euston.
Its like walking into a spaceship which is an old theatre painted in crimson and gold with lots of balconies and chandeliers.

The first support was Redinho who played electronic funky stuff with guest vocalists.
Second support was Akron Fly a funky band dressed in silver boiler suits and helmets looking a little like Daft Punk.

And then the chaotic madness that Is George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.
18 singers, musicians and dancers led by a 72 year old who has probably been one of the greatest influences on funk, soul and rap along with James Brown.
It was amazing. Every song started with a shambolic groove and built up into an intense orgasmic climax.
Mostly funk but occasionally these two amazing guitarists would come to the front and rock out with amazing guitar solos that were as good as anything by Hendrix, Page, Prince or Lizzy especially Maggot Brain which is one of the most awesome guitar solos I have ever seen or heard. It was up there with Dave Gilmour doing Comfortably numb.
And together these guys could play dual guitar solos like Thin Lizzy.

It was just awesome. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life and most have been rock concerts but the more I see other genres live the more I appreciate that there is so much good music out there that gains a whole new dimension live. Funk has this earthy primal bass rhythm that goes to your core and you just can’t help but be moved by it.

Great night and so good to be at a gig with both my sons. Its great to share music with people that you love.

Our next gig together - Paul McCartney !


My friend Badou and his band ´Wat’. Badou is from Senegal and has been working with different projects and musicians over the years. I was at his very first concert in Cannes in 2008, at the time they were 13 musicians on stage. Plus 3 dancers.
His new band consists of an acoustic guitar, a Flute, a Bass, a brilliant drummer, and Badou’s amazing voice.

A small intimate gig that was very enjoyable.


Von Hertzen Bros on Saturday night; very good.

FM this coming Saturday.


FM last night, supported by Romeos Daughter. FM were excellent


Paul McCartney
O2 London
Sunday 24th May

There are not enough superlatives to describe the Paul McCartney concert last night. Awesome. Stunning. Magnificent are just 3 words that come to mind.
I’ve been to many hundreds of concerts in my life but I think this might just have been the best. Yes. Better than Queen, The Stones, Genesis, Floyd, Zeppelin, Springsteen etc…

41 songs from across his illustrious career covering all stages of the Beatles, Wings and his solo stuff. A fantastic stage show, great lights and a fantastic band with McCartney skipping from bass to piano to electric guitar, acoustic guitar and ukelele looking like he was in his mid 30s rather than 72 !
He introduced most songs with a story or anecdote and communicated brilliantly with the audience that had obviously travelled to see him from around the globe.

Great songs just kept coming. Sometimes incredibly emotional as you realise just how important these songs are in everybodys lives.

The main set finished with Band of the Run, Back in the USSR, Let it Be, Live and Let Die with an awesome display of lasers and pyrotechnics and a huge` singalong to Hey Jude. That alone would have been a monumental finish to any concert but not for McCartney as we had two encores with 8 more songs including a very heavy Helter Skelter, the beautiful Yesterday. Cant Buy me Love and the last tracks from Abbey Road.

And along the way we had Eleanor Rigby, the Benefit of Mr Kite, Blackbird. Something and Here Today both wonderful emotional tributes to John Lennon and George Harrison, Eight Days a Week, Paperback Writer, Lady Madonna, Long and Winding Road, We can work it out, Maybe I’m Amazed and a bunch of his newer songs that were just as good…

This concert cost close to £140 but it was fantastic value for money in every way.
My two sons came with me and they both said it was the best concert they have ever been to.
Last night Paul McCartney showed that he is undoubtedly the greatest and most influential musician, songwriter and performer ever. I’m so glad that I got the chance to see him.

Set List here


41 songs?! That’s what I call value for money! Sounds like a fantastic gig. Cheers for the write-up Andy. :smiley:


I can’t stop thinking how good the McCartney concert was. Just brilliant.
And just in case you think I’m exaggerating… I’m not the only one that thinks it was fantastic.

Unusually the shows are garnering 5 star reviews from everyone.


Bad Hombre
Leighton Buzzard
Friday 22nd May

Great night at the local pub watching Bad Hombre. A 3 piece featuring Steve Askew (formerly of Kajagoogoo)
With John Young of Lifesigns in attendance ! He’s a local lad !

Great gig. Bad Hombre are a covers band. Really tight brilliant musicians who play a set list that features many of my favourite songs. Very energetic !
Steve Askew makes a far better punk than 80s pop star !

Covers included songs by the Jam, Clash, Pistols, Dickies, UK Subs, Ruts, Simon and Garfunkel, Santana, Madness, Specials, Who, White Stripes, Buddy Holly, Cozy Powell !, Undertones, Ramones, Jet, Dandy Warhols, Kinks, Elvis Costello, Sham 69 with an encore of Nellie the Elephant.

Best pub gig that I have been to for years.


Yesterday I took the chance to travel to Halle. A two hours drive by car to the south from my home. Fish was invited to the Händel Festspiele (Händel festival - maybe you know his anglicised name George Frideric Handel). At the end of the festival there is a concert called “Birdges to Classic” at a place called Galgenbergschlucht…An classic orchestra was behind his songs. Great! And his friend Bernd Ruf was the conductor. Some of the Fish/Marillion songs were arranged for the calssic orchestra (70 artists).

Blind to the Beautiful
A Gentleman’s excuse me
High Wood
The Gathering

Break for the firework (accompanied by the Star Wars theme) and an other female calssic singer.

The Company

IMHO “Blind to the Beautiful” is well prepared for an classic orchestra!! My favourite this evening!

Fish enjoyed the time on stage and he was talking about “Lavender” after the gig! It must be his favourite song with the orchestra.

More details soon!

P.S. 3.000 people in the crowd!


Sounds fantastic Ulli! :grin:


Blind to the Beautiful


Despite the shit weather and up to your ankles mudbath it was a fantastic festival this year .
It’ll go down in history as the Downpour Festival 2015 as it never really stopped all weekend after friday lunch.
I saw some great bands old and new, all in all a top weekend.


So sorry about the weather. I was looking at forecasts (as my son was up there) and thought that even though Saturday was a washout, the other days may not have been so bad - seems this wasn’t the case. I think the Midlands definately had the worst of the weather all weekend compared to the rest of the UK. Despite being held mid June, it always rains at Download.

Sky Arts have 2 highlights programmes showing on 27th and 28th June.


My son just sent me a photo of his new ‘Download Dog’ tattoo - pesky kids !!!


German folk princess Helene Fischer at Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt


Well folks Ill keep it brief. Im not going to spoil the surprise for anybody ( Hi Andy ) just to say though that AC/DC were absolutely outstanding last night in Glasgow. I have seen many bands over the last 35 years and always seemed to miss the opportunity to catch them. Well, that gig just rocketed into the all time greatest gig experiences.

Kanye West git it roond yi!


A fantastic gig tonight from AC / DC at Wembley :wink:


Glad you enjoyed . Looks like it was a cracking night out - though running around in school uniform at his age ???



I can’t believe his energy levels, christ he’s 60 now !! I was wondering whether maybe they’ll call it a day after the current tour ?