The last gig you went to


A good time had by all. That grin looks as broad as ours were last week.


Simon Kennedy Band at Laings Bar Dundee.

Part of Almost Blue Festival


Just came home from Andy McCoy gig. I don’t know what to say. Great songwriter is not at his peak nowadays. Guitar playing is automaticly good but his over all appearence is not nice to see. Although he asked me to come to the stage and be a stripper for the show… :smile:


Oriental Beat and Two Steps From The Move are Hanoi Rocks stuff I remember. Sex and Drugs and Rock n` Roll must have caught up with Mr McCoy then?


Sadly so. Though I believe that only R n’ R from those three is actively used anymore by him. He seems to be powered by a lots of alcohol. It’s unpleasant to see. He has written so many great rock songs and his former band mates from Hanoi Rocks are in great shape (excluding of course the late drummer, Razzle).


Music At The Mill

A National Trust For Scotland site. Bands and Artists from the North East of Scotland. Little Wolves, Twa Charlies and the quite wonderful Gary Anderson. Plus local craft beers. A great evening of music. :smile:


One Hundred and Eighty !!!


Lol. Never thought of the darts player, who is equally wonderful.


Southern Fried Festival in Perth - Outdoor Stage-

A band I can`t remember the name of unfortunately( From Dunkeld ) who were very good.

The Simon Kennedy Band - Blues + Gospel type of thing

The Holy Ghosts - Primal Scream/Black Crowes/Stones infused.

Great afternoon of live music.


Rush. Perhaps for the last time :’(


Stan Urban - Pre Production Music Club @ Clarks On Lindsay Street, Dundee.


Fish Midstock Festival Dalkeith


A truly memorable two-day trip around!


Such beautiful industrial scenery.


Ghost this evening, a brilliant experience live.
I feel like I’ve been to confess my sins !!!? :wink:


Wouldn’t that take more than one evening? :wink: :laughing:

Great photos!


BLLX!! Bilston is sold out.


The Australian Pink Floyd show in Nice last night.
All in all a great gig with outstanding renditions of Us and Them (fantastic sax player) Time, Shine on, High Hopes and Comfortably numb. Voices were very good.
Loved the inflatable teacher, pig and especially the giant pink jumping kangaroo :blush::smiley:


JJ Gilmour ( ex Silencers ) at the Inn at Lathones, near St Andrews in Fife.

A lovely intimate venue where the gig was played in a converted byre. JJ went around each row asking what people would like to hear. Then after the gig mixed with everyone in the bar (( played to around 30 - 40 people ) going around everyone for a chat. Brilliant night. Check out



An absolute masterclass in musicianship.
Fantastic gig :smiley: