Top 50 Modern Prog Songs


You may not agree with the list (I’ve only ever heard half of these songs) but some may find this an interesting read.


No Marillion’s Fish Era song ???



Songs included are from 1990 onwards. No old classics.


Oops sorry…didn’t read it right!
What about Plague of Ghosts then ??? :wink:



Not one single Fish track. Bollocks.


It seems to have lots of ‘prog metal’ type songs in the list, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I guess these lists are never going to please everyone. Not sure how it was compiled. It could be a poll of 1000’s, though more likely to be just a handful of peoples opinions.


You can’t beat prog metal :wink:
Mike Portnoy features pretty prolifically, an excellent musician/writer.


Not my favourite kind of prog. Guess it’s all about taste.


I’ve never been a fan of prog music:a bit too demonstrative and complexe ihmo without (most of the time) any melody…just a succession of pieces of music put together…that’s why some bands like Dream Theater,Transatlantic (unreadable and stodgy for me) are really not my cup of tea (and others too like Haken recently)

But yes I love Marillion which is consider as a Prog group BUT there are so much beautiful melodies in their music that really touch me deeply that I’ve forgotten that it was qualified as prog music…

For me the most important is the fact that music really has to touch me and makes me feel some emotions (whatever what they are)…that’s why I’m listening rap music once in a while !



I know exactly where you’re coming from mate! I wouldn’t say I was a lover of the genre completely. A lot of it leaves me cold. - I’m all for complex music, providing it’s full of hooks and melody I can get into, and I love concept pieces that I can get into the atmosphere of, but I find a lot of Prog too convoluted and pretentious. Intelligent for the sake of it.

I would never in a million years put either Marillion or Fish into that category. They cross boundaries as far as I’m concerned. - I do have a lot of what would be termed ‘Prog’ in my music collection, such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Pendragon, and a few others, but again, this is just what I would term ‘great music’, regardless of genre.


exactly…I wanted to say that they have been qualified as a prog band by the medias I guess but their music has always evolved and took different ways (not like real prog bands who always make the same album imo)



Prog metal-no thanks!


I tried dream theater years ago…great musicians but the music left me cold:(


An acquired taste, I must admit.


Primarily a hook, a melody and I`m sold. Having said that an unusual time signature here and there coupled with vituoso playing sometimes floats my boat. I think Rush are the prime example of combining both.


Great list! I’m like 70’s prog as much as modern. Few modern gems: TOOL, Riverside, Opeth, Dream Theater.