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Vigil's End - Leamington Spa @The Assembly - 24th November 201


Would love to attend a final Fish gig, if only to witness Ulli moshing one last time.


I think it was during the MC (side two) section in Leamington. It was a great time!

Would love to do this but already got tickets and hotel booked for Marillion in Bath on the same night.

That is the problem to manage both sides …

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Tickets are on sale via The Assembly web page. Redirect to eventim UK.

I’d like to, but this is in the middle of a week.

Also on sale through Fish’s website.

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Leamington here I come. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve missed on this :sob::sob::sob:
Won’t know until next week if i can have days off that week so i’m f*cked :sob:
Didn’t think it’d sell out this fast!