Well here I am once more


Here I am in this exciting new dimension
Could this be the start of a new era
Looks like it might take some time to get used to it.
I’m going to miss the old forum…



We all are :cry:

But it’s not going anywhere for a while. Too many good memories are over there :smiley: :wave:


hi everyone:now I’m here too…hope the new forum will be as easier to use than the old one


Hi Everyone eventually signed up after having a bit of bother with Microsoft slightly changing their security data. Looks like this is gonna take a bit of getting used to, seems quite different against the white Background rather than what we were used to, never mind, onwards and upwards and into the 4th Dimension lol…


Well that was easy enough getting here- will spend a bit of time finding my way round in the next few days I think .



Uuuuhhhh. New. Got to check it.


This is weird. Where’s all the blue gone? It’s like being in a lab.


I’m going to try and make it look a bit more “A Feast of Consequences” - y ovey the coming week or two. I’m not making any promises though. If anyone has watched the latest Fishheads video, he’s coming back from Europe with a hatful of cunning plans :slight_smile:


All your efforts are appreciated John. - In your own time of course. Look forward to seeing how it’s tweeked over the coming weeks and months.


You found your avatar. It looks a little more familiar!


Looks like I’m here too. Though I’m just a blob at the moment until I can find my old Avatar.


Looks like you managed to get it sorted!


Yes, though I couldn’t sign in with Facebook - had to sign in with Google as it said the app hadn’t been set up right? Doesn’t really matter as didn’t really want to sign in with Facebook anyway.

Can't Sign in with Facebook

Hi Everyone don’t know whether this post will be in the right place or not having problems posting up using my mobile downloaded the discourse app so first time here goes. This site is so different now will take a bit of getting used to.


I managed to sign in here too. Changed my avatar for a wintery one because of the summer. :sunny:


All this white should make you feel at home Lauri!