What Did You 'YouTube' Today?






Pedicure anyone? :smile:


Err, no thanks. Reading the video title was enough to put me off watching it.


I didn’t watch the whole video. I stopped after 3 seconds when I was about to puke.




Pick it oot. Or as our own Archie McPherson would have said, “Ooft!”




Or Arthur Montford “It’s a Goal!..Mchugh has scored!”


Claim to fame! Listen to where he wrote this song. :laughing:



There you go! You won’t see your train station with the same eyes now :blush:
You also have a great supplier of cake decorating material :wink:


My turn to claim fame now.

Peter starstedt mentions my town in there :smile::sweat_smile:


In the lyrics of Roger Waters ‘Home’ from Radio KAOS album, Llanelli is included, which is where i’ve lived for the past 15 years or so.

This could start a new thread (albeit a short one)


I’m there tomorrow morning. Thinking about putting up a blue plaque


This guy was on the Old Grey Whistle Test special the other night. Not what i’d normally listen to but liked it.


I thought of this. Had we been on the old forum, it would’ve been the start of a new thread for sure.