What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


Good call, with the original dates on :wink:
I wish I still had this t shirt, it buried me at the time but now I’ve matured with age (ok put a few lbs on) I’m sure it would’ve fitted fine now .


Actually I was able to acquire one some months ago, only its the one without the tour dates but its in great nick.


Mini cheddars


I’d LOVE to see shirts from his US tour (hint hint).


Well it’s probably not on the right topic but don’t know where to post this!

Earlier on I was watching a vid posted on FB from a friend of Fish with Blind to the beautiful as the soundtrack, which made me think, will there be any other video clips from FEAST?


I moved a post to a new topic: Fish YouTube Videos


Tattoos would be fun.


And i know the boy to do them :-


Face paint as well :-


Not really what I had in mind !! :wink:


The annouced live albums!!!


Maybe Fish could paint his face - aka early Marillion :blush:


How about a Fishnet stockings?


A fishing rod?


Again, not really what I was looking for !!


Please again the blue neck tube scarves sold in Haddington 2010 or 11!


Just found a photo I had taken there:


some new polo shirts with nice and fashion colors (I love the black one!)



A Fish umbrella as my other one has bust !!! :cry:


Lanyards, white t-shirts,socks!