What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


Like that Sandy, How Much ?


I thougth it should has been a little bit bigger… :confused:…but it looks really great :+1:



Was hoping that too Anthony, would have liked a 6ft x 4ft(About the size of the Old Promotional Posters you used to get) one think that would look awesome. Do you do Made to Measure Sandy :wink:


The size of the poster measures @ 70cm x 105cm that’s the max size we can do, as far as price goes, that’s something Fish and Elspeth would have to sort out should they decide to go for them, at the moment it’s just at the sample stage :+1:


Great work once more from Sandy & Co! :thumbsup:

I thought today when I was jogging that it would be nice to run showing some Fishy colours. :blush:

Cotton T-shirts are not good to wear while running so it came to mind if Fish Shop could add some sport outfit to selection. :smile:


… years ago there was one. Like a football jersey. Was it the Raingods tour??? Still in the cupboard, but last year, it fits me :wink: .


This one ?


Right! And it fits you!


I posted this on Facebook today, seems to be getting a positive reaction :smiley::+1:


Sorry. Don’t do Farcebook. Could you repost on here ?


Price given on Facebook Steve £10.50. + vat.


Me neither,
Anymore details available ?


Sorry guys, I realise not everyone does Facebook! I posted a pic of the poster to get some idea of who would be interested, Rab posted the pic on here earlier , here are the details of what I posted

"Just testing the waters, would anyone be interested in a textile flag/poster for the Farewell to Childhood tour they measure @ 70cm x 105cm and are printed on polyester material they would retail @ £10.50 + vat and p&p "


can’t wait to have this on the online shop :grinning:



I do like that.


Any news yet Sandy on when we can get our grubby mits on the merch ? :wink:


It’s been decided to go with them so they should be in the Fishheads shop by the end of next week :smiley::+1:


Great News, Thanks Sandy, Wallets at the ready everyone lol… :wink: :slight_smile:


I was just wondering whether the wooden trellis to hang it on was included ?? :wink::joy:


My black Farewell To Childhood T Shirt was delivered yesterday - Smart :smiley: