What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


Well sort of . I last wore it for the Glasgow weekend to see Fish in 2013 !!! Not seen it since :neutral_face:
Prob the mrs smudged the print whilst ironing it and instead of admitting to it and facing my wrath :smiling_imp: it prob just disappeared :neutral_face::wink:
I loved that t shirt, I’ve tried the shop but none left anywhere :cry:


I’ll buy it off you ?? . . . . . . As long as you wash it first :wink:


Size…? XXL?


You cheeky get !!! :grin::wink:


Along with the Normal tees and Retro Fish tees, how about Prints done on Baseball tees ?
Colours could be Black/white, Black/grey, Red/white, Red/Grey, Blue /white etc… depending on the prints and Colour coordination ? Personally I think a Big wedge print on a baseball t/shirt with Red sleeves and White front/back would look pretty cool?


I remember some bands (mainly American) used to sell them but dont see them much these days :frowning:
I did get myself a nice Riverside one tho earlier in the year . Smart .


I used to like the baseball style. Had 3 which i think were all grey with black sleeves :-
Rush - Signals tour
Dave Lee Roth - Skyscraper tour
Iron Maiden - Powerslave (maybe)


Lots of lovely goodies available on the merch stand at Haddington on Saturday, including this cheeky little number, the hat that is, not me, although I am open to offers !! :wink:


For God’s sake Sandy, don’t sit on the merch’ table!


I have this hat:very good quality (as always :wink:)



Lovely pic @sandy :slight_smile:

What’s up with the online Fish shop? There’s nothing to order apart from Feast, Lem Spa and some vinyls…??? What happened to the Tshirts, accessories and cds?


Under ‘Clothing and Accessories’, @Zazabi.



Thanks @JohnSReid , that’s weird, about an hour ago when I clicked on all the categories it said "No products were found matching your selection"


I can’t open the fishheads shop page… :disappointed:



I guess they’re busy stocking the shelves…


Sales master wearing a beanie and Elspeth are on an external sales date!


Apologies. We had a server outage but it’s all back now.

Back up now.


Looks like Fish has a good idea of what he wants on the merch stall :smiley:


Right - having done lots of walking over the hols - howsabout a Fish Fleece top - as in the style typically done by Berghaus, etc - not a coat/jacket - you know what I mean!?

Can’t be wool = waaay too hot.


Fish has put some “mock ups” of the new t shirts for the up coming tour for discussion on his Facebook page