What's your Favourite One hit wonder


Not sure if this has been discussed here or on the old forum, but just wondering what everyone’s fav one hit wonders are, and do they stand with you for a specific reason or do you just like them musically or both?


One that immediately springs to mind for me is ‘Life In A Northern Town’. Absolutely love this song and it does recall memories of growing up. - Might be doing The Dream Academy a disservice, but I can’t think of anything else they did, so it’s a one hit wonder to me.


Something In The Air - Thunderclap Newman.
This is probably before your time for a lot of you!
I loved this when it came out in 1969, produced by Pete Townshend, no less. Number one for 3 weeks and then they pretty much disappeared.


Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

One of many tunes adopted on rugby tours of old. Always bring backs memories of various trips.


Only just seen this thread. This may have been before some of our times but as Fish did a cover version i’m sure most of us are aware of the song.


Difficult for me to think of them as ‘one hit wonders’, having bought and enjoyed all their albums. It kind of implies that it’s the only good thing they ever did, which is absolutely not true. Their only ‘hit’ though.


One night in Bangkok - Murray Head

Although he made a couple of other fantastic hits in France.
Not sure he’s well known or liked in Great Britain?


I think (of course, I could just Google it…) that he’s most well known in the UK for being in musicals in the early 70s - mid-80s. I know he sang the Judas role to Ian Gillan’s Jesus in the original recording of Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas being, ironically, the main role, really). Of course ‘One Night In Bangkok’ is from Chess, so there’s definitely a ‘musicals’ thing going on…


Thanks Mik :blush:
His other hits here was “Say it ain’t so” and “Never even thought” which were played on the radio here quite a lot as they came out. Don’t think that these are from a musical though. But remarkable tracks, in my opinion.


Yes; seems to be a bit of a ‘Supertramp’ vibe going on.
What I’ve only just found out (but is fairly obvious from the picture below) is that he’s Anthony (Stewart) Head’s brother.


I knew he was the brother of somebody but don’t know his brother.
He’s lived in France now for a few decades and I’ve seen him a few times.


Anthony Stewart Head (he seems to have dropped the ‘Stewart’ recently) is most famous for playing Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Before that, he also did some musical work (Frank in The Rocky Horror Show…) and adverts.


The coffee ads!

Didn’t he also play the Prime Minister in a comedy show? Seem to remember that, but not sure who’s comedy it was.


Little Britain