Your Album Of The Week




Hollow Bones - Rival Sons


Not had chance to listen to it yet Lauri how would you rate it against previous releases ?
They were superb at Download. :wink:


Maybe not as immediate as others, but when you get funny looks from the person you share the office with when you start fresh air drumming with your headphones on you know it `s a winner.:slight_smile:




Won’t be difficult as I’ve hardly listened to anything else, having lacked time.


Nothing came close this week, I cannot recommend this album highly enough very progressive, electronic, hard, fast and ambient, something for everyone.


Technically Not an Album but after listening to this again after a long time, This has just blew away again, such a Quality live recording especially when played at Top Volume.






Just Can’t put this down, Bloody Awesome and totally Recommended.






Arstidir - Hvel!Árstíðir-‘Hvel’/cmbz/550346030cf27b8ab2807ef4


Quite superb album from this Dundee band. Musicianship is excellent. Dave Webster one of the bands vocalists has a brilliant voice. Give your ears a treat.


Superb :wink:


what else ?