Your Album Of The Week


I can’t wait for their new album :wink:


Do we know what it’s called? I really haven’t followed it’s progress.


Haven’t listened to a huge amount this week, but I’ve been playing this constantly for 2 weeks. I know people always quote Graceland, but for me this is Paul Simon’s best album. Always loved it, and how all the songs are based around the drums and rhythm.










Brilliant album.:slight_smile:




Kind of go through phases of listening to Gabriel-era Genesis. I make no secret of the fact I prefer the next 4 or 5 albums they made after he left (apart from Abacab), but that’s not to say I don’t love the Gabriel stuff too. This is last week’s favourite, but still playing it into this week. Great album.


My favourite Genesis LP by a long way. I prefer PG’s first 3 solo albums to pretty much anything they did after he left.


It’s a great album Mik. The tracks stand up individually as well as all hanging together in the concept, but honestly, I prefer Trick Of The Tail, Wind And Wuthering, Then There Were Three and Duke. I think they kept improving musically throughout that era, until they started writing ‘hits’.


Yes; Trick Of The Tail I do like, but that’s possibly because it was one of the first Genesis LPs I heard in its entirety (and, I confess, being unschooled in these matters at the time, I thought it was PG on vocals - PC was doing a pretty good impersonation on that LP!).




Hadn’t listened to this for years until this week. Forgotten how good it was. Great stripped back acoustic versions of many of their classics, and some lesser known tracks too, performed for a small audience at their own Konk Studios.


Yes a great album. Animal is an unkown classic. Thinkme and you might be a wee bit bias with regards to the Kinks



Possibly the best of her career. Excellent singer / songwriter.