Your Album Of The Week


Can only be this one … with the concert next weekend.







Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity

I think this is the best thing I have heard from them in a long time.



love the atmosphere of this album…really good !!!



Can’t decide between these 2. Both been on continuously.



A choice between 2 albums this week. The one i’ve played the most is Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires (as it’s in my car cd player) - really enjoying this album.

However my winner is A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant. Not particularly better than GVF but i bought this doubting whether i would actually like it, so the surprise factor has made it this weeks number 1.



Great album and a great cover :+1:


Been listening to Genesis for years, but always struck by how great Phil’s voice is. Especially on Duke. It has everything. Considering he was a reluctant front-man, he didn’t do too bad!


I’ve always preferred the Gabriel era but Duke is a fantastic album.


Can only be this for me this week. Stunning piece of work, and good to hear them pushing themselves in some new interesting directions. Blindness almost reminds me of a Radiohead track, meets folk! Their best work in my opinion.


Since I saw your youtube posts I checked them out and like what they do!


I guess they’re not for everyone on here, but I rate them! I like a tune. :laughing:


Me too. discovered lots of alternative bands these last weeks. Almost only listening to new stuff at the moment. Really enjoying it.




Great one!


Got one of those “Original Albums” sets, 5 albums for £8. This is the definite favourite of the 5.