Your Album Of The Week


Absolute bargain!


Well, I haven’t listened to a lot this week, but what a phenomenal album. I’d completely forgot.


Well, I know I’ve posted this several times before here, but every time I listen to Duke, it’s my favourite album of the week. Love it. For me, the last great Genesis album.


I agree. I will listen to it tomorrow.





Hunter & The Bear - Paper Heart


A bit Biffy Clyro sometimes, a bit Royal Blood sometimes (they started off as a two-piece, so maybe that explains that), maybe a bit Foo Fighters, definitely a bit James Bay (first album) on one song, a bit of Pink Floyd in there, too…But whatever, they’re really very good, and I like every track on this LP.

Just looked at the video for one of my favourite songs… Fish rocking the straw hat??? :rofl::wink:



Now that brings back memories!!!