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18th September A Personal statement on the Scottish Referendum

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What is going on up here in Scotland now and what has been going on for a very long time and what will be decided today I cannot ignore and would be an absolute lie if I chose to pretend it did not affect me and chose to avoid it for “commercial” reasons. I was…


I am 65 an expat with great Scottish friends all over the world most would vote No could they vote.
Myself I would be saddened if the Scottish people vote yes but wish them all the best for the future, no-one really knows what the future holds but at least it would be in your own hands!
I do not agree with most of the politicos rhetoric basically putting obstacles in the way of the new Scottish regime -we should be offering as much help and assistance as is humanely possible.
I believe that the vast majority of English people wish Scotland well please do not take any notice of a minority of bigots who wish ill!
See you at the Fleece in Bristol later this year.
Take care and good luck on the tour.


Thanks for sharing, Fish.

I’m in two minds about the result. I’m happy that Scotland is staying in the UK but I also feel for you as you had your hopes pinned on a “Yes” vote.

This is clearly the beginning of reshaping the UK political landscape, and I don’t completely agree with how it’s come about. I didn’t vote for an English parliament yet apparently that’s happening now because of the Scottish result.

For me, being English and British have been completely interchangeable and I worry that will change now. I’m not sure if it’s for better or worse.

Time will tell…

Glad it went as it did. I’m Welsh and in my opinion if Scotland won the vote for independance then we’d be asking for the same, and i don’t trust our Welsh Assembly members to tie their own shoelaces let alone run a countries finances.

On the other hand i was quite happy to see the ‘yes’ vote win, watch Alex Salmond totally fuck everything up, and see Scotland come back begging for help.