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2015 from the Balcony

And so my last night in Durlach closes in after a highly productive week here in my “other office”. 2015 has swiveled and repositioned itself as far as cunning plans go and that is having a knock on effect on the overall outro I was looking at. The 4 weeks of rescheduled dates in January…

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Will there be any chance of getting vinyl versions of the re releases? Even if it is only the originals, without the extras, as I would really love to have them for my collection. I will still be buying the remastered cds with the extras. Thanks.

No criticism from me. I will be very sad when the time comes, as it will be the end of an era, not just for you, but for everyone that has ever followed you over the years. Much of my life, along with its ups and downs, has been accompanied by your music. I can only try, and most probably fail, to convey just what your lyrics and music has meant to me since the age of 12. Your albums have been with me on hot summer holidays. Through the struggles of school and college. On long but entertaining car journeys to some weird and wonderful places. Happy or down, there has always been a lyric that has touched me and spoken for me emotionally. - Some of the best moments of my life have been in the environment of your music, surrounded by incredible people. - I’ll never forget that magical and inspiring weekend in Edinburgh, Dec '11, when I got to shake your hand and share a few words with you outside The Caves, post-gig. It was freezing. We were all on a high (including you!) but there was a fantastic and tangible buzz in the atmosphere. It made the weekend incredibly special for all of us, not just to meet someone who we have admired and respected for so long, but to find out that you are everything we could have hoped, with a continuing passion for music and sharing it with The Company.

Many gigs and a Convention later, going to see your music live is still a much more special and communal thing than I experience going to see any other artist and band I’ve been into. - So, approaching your last few years in the music business, we have a hell of a lot to be thankful for. Many more songs will be sung. Many more drinks will be consumed and glasses will be raised to a fantastic and magical career. A career that has left a powerful body of work for us all to admire and enjoy. Thank you, and here’s to your continuing muse over the next few years and beyond…


The time has come to make decisions, the changes have to be made

Now I leave you, the past does have its say
You’re all but forgotten a mote in my heart

Decisions have been made, they’ve been made, they’ve been made


My first thought about it. Thanks for all the time with and for us!

And we have the chance to follow him till 2017 :slight_smile: !

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Paul’s post says it all for me. Top post mate! :sunglasses:

Selfishly, perhaps, I wanted Fish to go on for ever - but of course that is unfair and unachievable.

I would like to wish the big man the best in all his future endeavours.

It will be weird to drive past the farm on the A1 or A199 without waving to Onkel Fish though! :wink:


…I agree and understand any artist wanting to go out on the top of their game. Fish’s most recent material is as powerful as any of the early stuff, if not more so. If he honestly believes that he has said everything he wants to in this particular medium, it’s time to move on.

…Nice to hear from you Geoff! :smile:

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Aye - it’s been a while hasn’t it? :blush:

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Having read the post following this one from Fish on his website (doesn’t appear to be on here or Facebook - but I might have missed it) which I received by email, I can understand why his news might have generated a mixed reaction.

In real terms, I think it was probably only a matter of time, although I’m a bit surprised to read he’ll be leaving the “music business” altogether - I might have misread that? I’d have thought perhaps he might have written lyrics for other artists, if not himself, although I can kind of understand why he might not want to do that. I guess it could be kinda hard to let someone else perform your stuff.

Anyway, fair play to the man. I wish him all the very best in his new ventures. Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, even though I - like everyone else - wishes it could sometimes! This will be the end of an era but the start of a new one which will be exciting. I think the cards have been on the table for quite some time regarding the move to Germany and there’s no big surprise there. That could be a positive for Ulli - if he was ever in Germany, that is! Haha…just kidding.


Pauls` post conveys everything there is to say about Fish decision. My introduction to Marillion and Fish also came at 12 years old. In the 30-odd years since the music has been part of everything - school, college, friendships, relationships, marriage, births, deaths. So many significant moments and signposts.

Things still have a way to go in the conventional sense of albums and gigs. It`s going to be something different for us the fans but Fish you gotta do what you gotta do.

“Live for the Company until we die.”


Is this the one?