2017 Beyond the music


Just to allay some fears out there that I am planning to go into a vegetative state in 2017 The overall plan involves selling the Studio either as a studio or a residential dwelling in 2016-17 and moving to Baden Wuerttemburg in Germany to live and begin a new career as a writer. The autobiography…

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2015 from the Balcony

While I admit to being saddened (from a personal point of view) by the big guy’s future plans, I fully understand the reasoning behind them and think massive kudos is due to him for keeping us “in the loop” about his plans.

Not many artists would give enough of a shit to do this. :sunglasses:


Nope - he’s a top lad and it says a lot to want to make sure that the fans get the opportunity to see things finish at the top of the arc.

I’m going to make sure I make the most of any shows and output now and then look forwad to any future projects as the time comes.

Good luck Fish!