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All I Got For Christmas

Purely because I am half watching the football / half keeping an eye on a currently resting puppy I thought I would share the music I received for Christmas -

Clutching At Straws (Remaster) - Marillion
Roads Less Travelled - Martin Barre
Dissolution - The Pineapple Thief
Sum Of All Your Parts - Fatherson
Living The Dream - Uriah Heep
The Black Album - The Damned
Back Into The Future - Man
The Magpie Salute - The Magpie Salute

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No music for me, though I did get a small mountain of books!


Marillion CAS remaster vinyl box
Perfume “Terre d’Hermès”
Framed Marillion poster (CAS)
3 different bottles of fine wine (boxset)
a blue bracelet (Fossil brand)


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Music gifts … just four CDs this year…

Blood - In This Moment
Rise Of The Blood Legion Greatest Hits (Chapter 1) - In This Moment
Ritual - In This Moment
Lost In Space Part 1 & 2 - Avantasia

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Music related from my son, Opeth - Garden Of The Titans bluray/cd set, and a pair of Kiss t-shirts for when me and the wife go to see them in July.

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Drum gear from the wife as well a few jumpers!
Picked up CAS cd box set just before Xmas:)


Your kit must be bigger than Neal Pearts’.

Hope you had a great xmas rik. I think a meet up on next Fish tour is a must do.


Lol…I still use a classic 4 piece ala Charlie Watts style…
Would be great to hook up again…Keith and I are well up for it!!