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An Era ends .. From Fish's Fb

On Friday another era came to an end when Elspeth Laidlaw retired from her position as office manageress and PA. It had been under discussion for quite a while but the timing had never been right until now. With my focus on family at this present moment and what will be a long period of enforced inactivity on the career creative front it made sense to make the changes while I have this hiatus.

I’d been intending to reorganise the office and the entire system of operations for a while and had discussed this at length with Elspeth over recent months. We had agreed that her forthcoming retirement presented an opportunity to reevaluate and restructure as we moved into 2019.

We will all miss her here as she not only has been an invaluable member of our team but also a great friend to both Simone and myself and her support through some difficult times over the years has been incalculable.I am sure she will still be attending shows and keeping up with the many friends she has made throughout the years. As our ‘Rock Chick granny’ ( which she loved being referred to as) she will no doubt continue her infamous presence at gigs and her indomitable spirit will never waver. She’s been a massive presence over the years and long may that last.

Thanks Elspeth for all your hard work and contribution and I’m sure we join everyone in wishing you a joyous and well earned retirement.

I’ll leave Elspeth with the last words - as always :slight_smile:

“After 16 years today was time to say goodbye to Fish and to take things a little easier.
I have had the opportunity to meet so many fans, some of whom have become good friends, many gigs and conventions and to star as the Infamous Anne Robinson in the Weakest Link. It has been a great adventure!!!
Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years and for all the happy memories which I will treasure. Xxxx”


Always will remember the Weakest link game at the Convention. Bloody hilarious! :laughing: Best wishes Elspeth. Good retirement. Well deserved.


All the best and hopefully see you at another Fish gig in the future, had some great ones over the years, enjoy your retirement x


A braw woman. Got 14 of us in "The Pod " at the ABC in Glasgow in 2017. Love ya Missus. x


A nice one from Glasgow more recently with the Company :wink: