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Android app available

The discourse app is available from the play store, it’s a bit buggy but I’m having a play with it anyway.

Here it is!


Hi John thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Thanks very much John this has made a big difference in trying to post from my mobile, great work :slight_smile:

Sadly no app for iphone yet . :frowning:
Hopefully one day!

That’s cool :thumbsup:

You can thank @tosh - I don’t even use it.

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You’re not missing out too much. The forum works better in the browser anyway (in my personal opinion of course).

Hi John, Just wondering, I am using my mobile with the discourse app that you notified us about which is great. :slight_smile:
When I re registered yesterday I was on the Pc when I posted my original avatar, but when I am on my mobile my avatar does not show up, and there doesn’t seem to be any files within the discourse app to apply an avatar, is this correct or have I missed something ??

I think that it’s a bug with the Android app. I wouldn’t panic too much. What phone are you using?

I log in the Forum mainly on my mobile…

Hi John I am using a Samsung Galaxy 3.

It’s still a work in progress as far as i can tell and I don’t see my own avatar either but I do see other peoples

Yeah same here Tosh.

I think that uploaded avatars aren’t appearing, but those that are appearing automatically (like mine) are.

I’ll check in more detail and will place a bug report with the developers.

Thanks John much appreciated :slight_smile:

Just on my mobile 10mins ago and the app has now stopped working. Tried uninstalling and Installing again but no luck, don’t know whether the makers are working on it or not but its def not working at the moment. :frowning:

There’s been an update to the main Discourse site software. Looks like they are out of sync.

Keep an eye of Google Play, I’m sure an update will drop soon.

Hi John and Anyone, still having problems with this app as everytime I try to open it/login it just crashes at the first Hurdle, also there has been no update to available to the App yet. Is anyone else having problems ???

I get the same issue but unfortunately it’s not maintained by the people who write the forum software. :boom: