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Another one bites the dust

George Michael has passed away.

53 years old !!!..what a schock !!!..I liked what he was doing (his album “older” is superb)

:unamused: …what an awful year for artists and for us,music lovers



Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 was a very good album .

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Regardless of tastes in music, you hear some of those old 80’s tracks and you realise that they were part of our youth. That’s what hurts so much at losing some of those we have lost in 2016. The fact that they were part of, and coloured our childhoods. That’s how I see it anyway.


On Christmas day! :pensive:

very true Paul…I remember girls have kissed while dancing on “careless whisper” when I was 14 or 15 maybe…when do our youths have gone ???


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Me and my school friend Pauline used to play Faith to death. We were 14. I loved this album. And am not afraid to say I liked Wham a lot too.
Oh I feel so sad to have lost all the music heroes we have this year :pensive:


and what makes me sadder,it’s that I can’t see any succession to these great artists we’ve lost…


Certainly not with Bowie. Irreplaceable.

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Don’t forget we also lost two American greats this year too. Glenn Frey and Leon Russell. - It’s a long list.

Great post from Fish

I always thought that George Michael should have taken over the mike from Freddie Mercury in #Queen. He was the only person that had, in my honest opinion the vocal range, presence, character and sheer professionalism to cope with that huge role.

I was shocked, like so many others that he passed away last night at the young age of 53. I’d only bumped into him a couple of times during our heydays in the 80’s but always found him a massively likeable and extremely down to earth person who found the weight of fame slightly uncomfortable. I admired him as a brilliant songwriter and truly amazing singer who dealt with so many demons in public with admirable grace. I was never a fan of ‘Wham’ but couldn’t but help reevaluate the talent as I went on my own learning curve as a musician and genuinely admired his solo career .I can only hope that his life, vast talent, repertoire and inspiration is respected and not lost in the inevitable ‘exposes’ and ‘truth telling’ that are bound to come out in the coming months in the ‘red tops’. He deserves more.

On the same day that 60 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble, the heart of Russia’s most famous military choir died together with 9 journalists and charity workers in the plane crash in the Black Sea it was a dark day. They may not have had the same international and spectacular aura that George had but their memory is worthy of respect.

There are a lot of people in mourning , many families and children grieving loved ones, distraught fans and devotees coming to terms with the losses as more beautiful voices are silenced in this endless cull.

Put aside prejudices and personal opinions for a moment and reflect. Keep the songs in mind and treasure forever the thoughts. Life forges relentlessly on and we have to stay focused and positive. Dark days indeed. Weltschmerz.


Perfectly said.


Looks like it went unnoticed, but I read yesterday that Peter Starstedt had passed away.

Yeah, a couple of weeks ago I think.

Saw this thread and was thinking just how last year’s been a crazy year with the losses of big names in the Music and Cinema worlds…

I was half expecting to read , you’d located the mosquito Zaz ! :wink:

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I’ve forgot most of them already. Is that bad?

I haven’t. Stayed awake over an hour and went back to sleep. The little f***er was probably watching me and having a good laugh!

This album cover just came to mind whist reading your last message :wink:

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