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Available 23rd October - The First Remasters - 'Sunsets on Empire' and 'Raingods With Zippos'

The first 2 remasters, ‘Sunsets on Empire’ and ‘Raingods With Zippos’ are available on mail order through the site from Friday 23rd October. There were so many unforeseen delays in the creation which were mainly due to my extensive writing contributions to the sleeve notes that release dates kept getting put back. Rather than…

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strange that no one has mentionned it but “vigil” will be part of the new remasters…and that’s a hell of a news :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Ordered tonite…looking forward to getting these through the post!

Think JohnSReid posted in May that Fish had got the license from EMI for Vigil.

yes he did but I thought Fish had to negociate with EMI…but it seems it’s official now :grinning:


I have to wait til november to order these two remasters:the wallet is a bit empty for the moment :neutral_face:


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Both of these arrived with me yesterday and they are stunning.the liner notes are fascinating and you can really hear the difference in the remaster compared to the original releases…


I’m tempted but still trying to justify spending over £20 plus postage for material that i already own. Also knowing that if i buy one, i’ll then want to get the whole set so an outlay of something like £170.

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That’s very true Mr peanut…I have most of the material too but as a collector I couldn’t resist…
Sleeve notes are fantastic and they sound really clear;)

Really looking forward to getting my hands on these they look stunning in the pictures.