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Birmingham Town Hall gig

OK boys & girls, this draws close, time for a roll call as to whose going and as importantly anyone want to meet for half of shandy before hand, and if so thoughts on a drinking venue? The Wellington on Bennett’s Hill? The Briar Rose slightly down the hill, though that might be getting a tad busy.

Depending on weather, Rab, myself and the girls we’re planning on the German Market pre gig top corner main bar (near venue) to get into the festive spirit (well get pissed) !!! :wink::grin::beers::wine_glass::christmas_tree:


We’ll be there at the Waterhole Expresso Bongo :wink:

Ein Beer bitte, danke :smile:
Just getting in the mood, might as well spell it as I probably won’t be able to say when the time comes lol… :wink: :slight_smile:


I certainly won’t be drinking vastly over priced cold fizzy lager otherwise I’ll never see the gig!

Andy, I’ll text you when I’m on the way, I assume you’ll all be going to watch Lazuli?

Yes indeed, never heard them but Fish highly recommends them, so will be worth checking out.
Not too concerned with the price of German beer as Rab’ll be buyin !!! :wink::joy::beers::beers:

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I think, Lazuli is a listen worth. Some interesting instruments are involved. And maybe they play a great version of Incommunicado :wink: .

You skiving off work again playing the forum lol… :wink:

It’s going to be an interesting gig. Reading some of Fish’s tour blogs he doesn’t like playing seated venues and the Town Hall is all seated. Not sure how the gestapo will react on the night; in the past they’ve tried to keep people seated until the encore.

It’s part of my job keeping an eye on yous on here :wink::joy::joy::wink:

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Sounds like going to the match !!! :wink:

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Feck that I’ll not be sitting down, we’re in the Balcony and we’ll be Bouncing ;). :slight_smile: We March… :smiley:


OK Pops :wink:

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Hi I have 2 tickets (row H Seat 5 & 6) which are available as we can’t make the gig now due to work.(Gutted is an understatement)

Happy to let the tickets go for what I paid for them £50 for the pair and I will post special delivery unless someone want to pick them up from me in Derby…

Anyway if anyone is interested please get in touch


I have emailed you! I’m desperate to go. I was supposed to be in hospital but got a reprieve!

Finally after buying my ticket in April it’s finally come through my door! Was getting worried!

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I’ve had mine ages! It’s been pinned to my ticket board in the study and had faded quite a bit.


I’m new to this forum. I’m really looking forward to the gig. Last time I saw fish must have been around the time when he released his first solo album. I look forward to meeting some of you?


We need to decide on a pub to meet pre gig near venue - over to you Keith :wink:

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I thought that we were going to meet at the Gluwhein stand nearest the entrance to the Town Hall? Other options? The Briar Rose on Bennets Hill - 2 minutes walk away

Anyone any idea what time Lazuli hit the stage?

My mobile is 077 75 75 74 73 just in case!


Gluwhein --> Glühwein :wink: