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Bucket list of bands you want to see

Following on from something mentioned in the latest gigs etc. - bands you want to see (who aren’t dead yet).

I’ll start with :-

Pearl Jam
System Of A Down

Right now can’t think of others but i’m sure there’s loads of them.


Oooh, good one.

…I’ll start with The Waterboys, who I have been a fan of for a long time, but have never got around to seeing live. Shame on me.


In my dreams,


Porcupine Tree
The Pineapple Thief
Crippled Black Phoenix


Not a band but

Bruce Springsteen!!!..maybe this year (whatever the price of the ticket)



3rd Bass (but It won’ t happen because the band split)
Dire Straits
Cypress Hill



I’ve been very lucky in the fact that other than bands that are no longer active that I’d have liked seen in their prime (Led Zeppelin ect). I’ve seen just about them all. :smiley:

A possible few tho would be a German band called Eloy, Voodoo Circle, Axel Rudi Pell and finally a band Anthony got me into called Archive. :wink:

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Still in my dreams, Supertramp, the band without Roger Hodgson. But that will probably never happen cause Rick Davies was diagnosed with bone cancer and they had to cancel their 2015 tour :disappointed_relieved:

Bic Runga, she’s a singer from New Zealand. Never tours in France but she’s performed in London a few times.

Archive is definitely a must seen live Andy!
I’ve been knocked down when I saw them in Paris:so much power and energy and some impressive lightshows


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Muse maybe even if I’m not very found of gigs in stadiums but I will make an exception for the Boss!


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Springsteen is one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.


Doesn’t he play a setlist of 13 hrs tho ???
I think I’d get bored :wink::wink:

A re-formed Marillion, with H and Fish mixing it up on stage.

2 hours 50 minutes. All your money’s worth.

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I’m very lucky in that being old I’ve seen most of the bands that I want to see. I missed LZ because my brother caught mumps and we were grounded. The rest as they say is history. However, I’ve seen Robert half a dozen times from Pictures at eleven onwards and nowadays half the set is LZ songs, so…

For me the ones left are:
Heart: coming this summer.
van Halen.

Can’t see the latter two ever happening unless I go to the US.

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Ill have to give this more thought as I too think I have seen pretty much all the bands I have wanted to see. There are lots of bands that have gone now that I didnt have the opportunity to see ( Motorhead being the most recent ). Of bands/artists still on the go -

Heart ( couldn`t get a ticket for Glasgow )
Cheap Trick
Stiff Little Fingers
Jackson Browne
James Taylor
The Temperance Movement

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Yeah, I’d like to see Jackson Browne too! - Seen James Taylor twice.

Always sorry I never got to see REM live when they were around. Hopefully they’ll make a comeback!

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The one band that I would pay not to see is TRHCP!