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Burning Forum questions - Who is currently using the Forum?

First question from me is where does it tell you who else is currently using the Forum? This is something I like to know in advance (so I can avoid TNN)


Good question.

No and yes.

You can’t what people are currently viewing the site and there’s a good reason for this which I’ll explain in a moment.

Instead, you can see when people have last been on the site by tapping on their user profile. So avoiding @teddynonose is as easy as ever :slight_smile:

The reason that we don’t show who is on the site like before is because the new software is discussion-centric. If someone is taking part in a conversation that you are in they are likely to get an email about it. Also, if you mention someone like I did with TNN earlier will also send them an update.

Plus, the old forum just showed you when it thought someone was online but they might not have been there for 15 minutes afterwards.

You’ve probably noticed now that when you visit the front page you’re greeted with a helpful update of when you’ve received likes and updates to topics that you’ve posted on. This really helps you to get stuck into where you left off and what has been happening since your last visit.

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I moved a post to an existing topic: Android app available

Ulli, since when did you become a Moderator?! I’ve only just noticed. You kept that quiet!

Since the early days of the new forum. :wink:

I kept it quiet because I’m only a substitute if John isn’t able to visit the forum regulary.


Has someone been tinkering with this Forum recently? Don’t know why but I’m now having to log/sign in every time I try to access this Forum with my iPhone. I stayed permanently signed in before. It’s really annoying and I don’t know whether it’s something I’ve turned off.

I don’t think so. Maybe any changes in your browser settings or a new version on your iPhone?

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I think you’re right Ulli. I think there’s been an update to my browser. Bloody Apple.

Not unless you use a Cleaning App on your phone to give you more storage space, dependant on its settings, it can keep wiping your login pass, and that’s why you have to keep signing in ??

But I haven’t changed or clicked anything Rab. Just started happening over last few days. Bloody annoying.

Sorry to hear that mate, I honestly can’t think why its doing that, have you tried switching your phone off and on again to see if it reboots anything ??

just curious Ulli,what do you have to do as a moderator ?


Drink in moderation?


Own you’re own airline ? :wink:


First, nobody else was there to took over a role like this. I thought, it will be more administrative :wink: . John had and has a lot to do with other projects. So, if anything goes wrong on the forum, I could let John know. And maybe you haven’t noticed it, several times we (at the end John :wink: ) had fixed problems.


Not wearing sunglasses… :smiley: . Just a joke :smiley: !


Just don’t take a leaf out of the DocBob guide to Moderating. That’s all I’m saying.


I am but it’s very quiet at night , this is when you need the Americans and Australians back on here :wink:


Maybe not :joy:
Can you remember the Australian who offered me some mither!!? :wink:

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