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Can I hope for return to childhood 30th?

I just saw a brilliant liveshow "FISH - Return To Childhood 20th anniversary tour of misplaced childhood"

Oh, my god! The complete masterpiece “Misplaced childhood” among other old Marillion-songs!
Lovely! Fantastic! Magic!
Can I hope for a 30th anniversary tour in 2015…? Does anybody know?
The old Marillion songs lives and I saw the original band a lot in my youth. I still listen a lot on the old records
I saw Fish in november in Gothenburg. A Lovely night!



Hi @annaw and welcome to the forum!

Fish has said in a blog post that he is planning a 30th Anniversary Misplaced Childhood tour. I’d say that you can get the DVD of Return to Childhood in the Fish shop, but it looks like it’s sold out.

Anyway, here’s looking forward to another great tour!

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Fantastic!! Now you made me extremely happy!:slight_smile:

Fish has been tweeting today that some “Farewell To Childhood” club dates are currently being put together with Yatta along with, so far about 10 Festival appearances for 2015 :smiley:
The album could now be put back to 2016 so the farewell tour ect could take longer than planned, but not as long as Status Quo’s !! :grin::grin::grin:

“Right to the 10th one, the man with whom it all begun - FISH- will play to the 30th anniversary the complete Missplaced Childhood album.”

It is ON baby!

YES!!!:slight_smile: A BIG smile is on my lips!
Now my big hope is that he will come to Sweden with the return to childhood tour!


I just read that the Misplaced Childhood-tour will be at the Sweden rockfestival in June! :smiley:
I just wondered - will this tour only be played at festivals and outdoors? Or is the plan to do a tour indoors later in this year?
Does anyone know?

Fish on Facebook:

"Regarding the “Farewell to Childhood” tour there are around 13 open air festivals most of which have not sent their press releases out yet so I have to be respectful and wait on their nod to release myself.

I am putting indoor dates in July and August around those festivals but they are all in Europe.

There will be a short tour in November and December that will take in some other shows on mainland Europe and a few UK dates to finish it off. I will let you know as soon as we have confirmations and my own press release regarding the shows."

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Thank´s! I read that on his Facebooksite. But I still wonder if the indoor tour includes Sweden…? “Mainland Europe”?
Well, I´ll have to wait and see then.
I would prefer indoor, but I would never forgive myself if I missed the "Farewell to Childhood"tour just because I waited to long to buy a ticket!

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Any news on Fish’s tour dates for the year ?
He posted on Twitter he’d be making an announcement in a couple of weeks, that was over 3 weeks ago .

Not on the Fishheads page. But some of the dates are on FB.For instance: FISH live @Midstock Festival Dalkeith Country Park, 12 Sep 2015

We have to wait for the official announcments :frowning: !

It´s getting close now!!! :smiley:
I have a ticket for the show at the Sweden Rock-festival the 4:th of June and I´m so excited!
It´s going to be fantastic to hear “Misplaced Childhood” again! It´s still the best album in the World. Ever!
:smiley: :heart_eyes: :smiley:


:heart_eyes: Oh my god!
I was there of course… I travelled 350 kilometers (and back) just for this show, I saw nothing more at the festival.
Imagine that you would experience this again, 30 years later ! Pure magic ! The crowd sang along to every word , tears came the nostalgia factor was sky high ! I stood at the front and just enjoyed and opened my heart to this great man and this wonderful amazing album! Still the best disc ever released , and one of the top 3 concerts I’ve seen in life! I just smile when I think about it and am so incredibly grateful to have experienced this! I hope you read this Mr Fish, you are the best! :heart_eyes:


What a beautiful post . :smiley:

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Annaw, I’m glad you enjoyed the performance. I expect a great performance too during the next month on this 30th anniversary tour. I wish for all of us a great tour without any problem (John Beck :wink: )!

Get that man some crutches !!! :wink:

Any ideas of the setlist ? (Other than MC)

Feast of Consequences
Pseudo Silk Kimono
Bitter Suite
Heart of Lothian
Lords of the Backstage
Blind Curve
Childhoods End
White Feather
Internal Exile
Market Square Heroes

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The setlist:
Personally I´ve had prefered “Credo” instead of Pipeline for start and maybe “Freaks” instead of “Internal exile”. But that´s me:)
I hope the foot is better John…