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Cd releases that are hard to get a hold of

Does anyone have or know where to get a copy of Bouillabaisse? I am happy to pay for it, just not the stupid prices quoted by amazon or risk a dodgy bulgarian site.
No harm in asking.

Try EBay mate

Just PM’d you.

Just checked out some of the Amazon prices. One bloke is charging £300+ !!!

I can’t believe it! :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Is it that rare ???
I bought it when it came out , but never realised it would be so pricey now :disappointed:

Not rare, but you always get the odd seller trying to catch the unsuspecting and in knoweledgable buyer out, (RIP OFF MERCHANTS) same as some these ticket sites.
Think I got mine for a tenner :grin:

Same here. Apart from the recent remasters, I’ve bought everything he’s put out at the time of release. - Will probably get the remasters soon before they start getting rare! God knows what they’d go for on Amazon.