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Chris Cornell - Soundgarden

Chris Cornell has died, aged 52.

Here’s some news about it:

To young to go!

SHIT NO ! :persevere: :worried: gutted.

Heard on the news tonight that he hanged himself. Whether intentional ( suicide ) or accidental ( some kind of sexual gratification ) doesnt really matter. Famous or not it is sad that a relatively young man has ended his life. I`ve had my fill of this kind of thing this week closer to home ( work not personal ). Such a sad thing. Such a waste of life.

Look out for people around you and take care people. :expressionless:


So sad and tragic.
When I got to work this morning got the news that the other newsagent in our neighborhood, 50 yards away from us, hanged himself in the backroom just after opening his shop yesterday morning. Apparently he suffered from depression, it’s’been on my mind all day, and I was thinking, most of time, you just can’t figure out someone is suffering and is this close to taking his own life.

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I just heard it was suicide on the news. Tragic.