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Congratulations to fish & simone married!

All the best to Derek Dick Fish & Simone Dick for their wedding (Oct 14th 2017) !!!


Congratulations to you Fish and to your wife Simone :smiley:…all the very best for you both


Congrats to the both of them !

Congratulations and I hope they have a happy future together .

All the best to you and your lady Big Man.

All the best to both!

All the Best to both of you

Love and best wishes Derek and Simone! All the best for your future together. X Congratulations.

Congratulations to you both on getting spliced. Both Kat and I send you our best wishes. 1979 on Pernassie, and all that!:blush: Keep on bopping growing your veg and smiling .:laughing: I am crocked with busted tib and fib at present, but repairing. Good health, Kat and Bill