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Dancing and enthusiasm

Hi people
Saw Fish with my wife in Salisbury for the first time since Vigil - great music and performance. The crowd were really strange. Fish was leaping about and dancing amazing - and punters stood like a load of rocks. No dancing, no jumping, very little engagement with Fish except clapping. I wonder what its like for Fish to put such effort and passion into the songs, and get so little energy back? Am I missing a trick or a tradition here? Can someone tell me why the main song of Salisbury Fish fans should be I can’t dance?

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This sounds very strange to me too! - In my experience, apart from during acoustic performances, Fish fans have always been both vocal and physical in their enjoyment! - Admittedly we’re all getting a little bit decrepit these days, so the moshing may occasionally resemble ‘gentle sways’, but honestly, I’d hobble out there on crutches and give it my all. - Maybe you just attended a gig in a very ‘gentile’ part of the country?


Sounds like Bilston was the opposite Of Sailsbury, the crowd were deafening in parts, “We Marched” the floor was bouncing and you could see that Fish and the band were blown away - Having been to Birmingham in December the difference was so noticeable there we were mostly seated until the encores which really sapped the energy, we might all be slowing down but not stopping just yet!


Sounds like the Birmingham gig last year the crowd were like “Zombified” absolutely no reaction for most of the gig, and all still seated in their seats, apart from me, Michelle, Andy & Marie, had to be seen to be believed. Definitely not the Normal for a Fish gig, actually the exact opposite. Glasgow blew the Roof of the ABC, Mosh pits the lot! No halt to the dancing singing clapping for the entire gig, and I must say one of , if not the best Fish I have been to, that along with the Convention in 2012.


Remember the last gig of the Feast tour at Lemmers being very exuberant too. - I’ve never been a fan of seated gigs, unless the music warrants a more laid-back response.


Of the 3 gigs I’ve seen on the Misplaced tour (Birmingham, Glasgow & Bilston) Glasgow was the best in my opinion - performance and crowd wise. It’s just a pity this one wasn’t recorded or filmed for future release.

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