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David Gilmour gigs

Dave Gilmour has announced 3 dates at the Royal Albert Hall in September. Tickets on sale this Friday ranging between £69 and £115 !!!

Thankfully i’m out of the country on those dates so will not be tempted by the extortionate prices.

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I’m afraid to say that I was tempted and now my bank balance is much smaller than it was this morning !

Now I have to wait for 6 months : (

For presale - look on David Gilmour’s Blog page on his website

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The same price as for a Kate Bush ticket?

But Kate Bush was a 30 year one off (though again i would not have paid those prices).

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall, but i have to travel which means London price hotels, London price gig tickets, and most important, someone to look after my dogs.

Not just a case of concert ticket.

For that kind of money I’d expect a finger-buffet and a glass of champagne. Obscene.

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I’m not gonna bother either, its such a busy year and I’ve seen him many times anyway.

Ive just paid almost twice as much to see Paul McCartney.
But he is now top of my bucket list
To see the Beatles songs performed by the guy who wrote them. I cant miss that.


just hope a gig in Paris :confused:


Fingers crossed for you Anthony!

10 dates sold out, chances are he’ll add more dates…? :neutral_face:

actually I’m not sure of that but why not?


You never know. It happens often.

Gilmour setlist from Brighton :-

Now thats a good setlist.