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DEC UK TOUR LINE UP and a bit more

From Fish’s FB page earlier…

I can now announce that the Circus is complete for the December UK Tour.

Gavin Griffiths will be returning to the drum kit with Robin Boult on guitars, Steve Vantsis on bass and John Beck on keyboards.

We will also be joined by Doris Brendel who is singing backing vocals for us on all the shows as well as supporting with her band on 5 gigs. Lazuli are supporting on the other 6 nights.

Our old friend Mark ‘McKinty’ Gordon is taking over as production manager on the road with Yatta now in charge of the tour set up. He’ll be visiting us at some of the gigs on the tour and I’m glad he still has a role in the circus.

Vince O’Malley is background technician, Angus Fearful will be dealing with the projections ( when he gets back from his Australian adventure) and Alastair Lindsay is dealing with out front sound. Andrea Holmes was intended to be with us on merchandise again but that position could be taken up by her husband Andy ( who’s out working with King Crimson just now) as she sits her driving test for commercial buses this week and if she passes she is taking up a job on her newly adopted island home in the Orkneys! There’s a BBC Scotland comedy series right there! :slight_smile:

And so one huge log moves down the river and I can turn my attention to writing which begins the week after next when Steve Vantsis and John Beck arrive at the studio to begin the first sessions here.

Only the ‘Misplaced Childhood’ deluxes, the rapidly changing garden, the remasters and their sleevenotes and a few other major hurdles and challenges to deal with in the coming months.

Easy Peasy :slight_smile:


Been a while since we’ve had a proper backing singer. Nice one Doris. Hoping Brendel sings Grendel, …but I seriously doubt it!

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Doris Brendel support for some dates in December was part of a band called The Violet Hour. Signed to CBS in the 1990`s. The Violet Hour supported Marillion on the Holidays In Eden Tour in 1991.

Just made the connection between then and now after reading something last night. Think I had their album at one point. Can`t remember much about their music. Seem to remember an All About Eve / Gothic type of thing going on. Does anyone else remember The Violet Hour?

Discogs describes them as “British alternative/folk rock band who released one album in 1991”.
Doris Brendel’s website appears to not work properly.

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