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Dreams Or Visions?

Okay, I’m not one of those people who believe that every dream has a hidden meaning, that they are a significant insight into your psyche/ state of mind, or that they can be seen as a premonition of things to come, but I find them really interesting. - I mention this because I have had quite a lot of broken sleep lately, interspersed with dreams, most of which I can’t remember.

Was talking the other day with friends about this, and was surprised to hear that several of them have recurring dreams on a fairly regular basis. Usually concerning similar themes. One friend in particular has been having the same dream for over twenty years, and cannot relate the visions to anything particular in his life. It’s just there, sitting in his subconscious.

I know when I was much younger, I also had two dreams in particular that would crop up again and again, and I remember them being very vivid and frightening at the time. - One was witnessing a large passenger plane crashing into the farm fields opposite my house, and seeing the aftermath in gory detail. - The second dream involved witnessing an invasion of enemy tanks trundling down my street, each one stopping infront of a house and turning their guns on the windows. - Really frightening stuff for a kid to be dreaming and I don’t know what could have triggered those thoughts to enter my subconscious, but they remained there for a number of years and cropped up perhaps once a month.

Anyone else have any powerful dreams, either as a child or now? I guess we can read more into those that are recurring, as they are obviously thoughts that we carry with us.


Can we include dreams of a sexual nature Paul ? or have we got to keep it clean since “Foxgate” :wink:


Seriously though, I do get this reoccurring dream/nightmare of drowning !!! It’s not good at all , the feeling of breathlessness and not being in control.
It’s been happening for years, I can swim ok, but I’m not a really strong swimmer.
I’ve noticed it happens more when I’ve got something on my mind, when I’m going to sleep and a little stressed with life in general. :confused:


Absolutely. They’re the best ones.

The life with the sun, and the life with the moon…

I think dreams are always related to what you have lived in the day. I had recurent dreams as I was a young child, and still remember them, though they no more occur for long.

All what I can say is that I more than often find solutions to problems when sleeping.
The worse of that was 10 years ago, overflowed at work, I was preparing Excel formulas when sleeping, and it was effective in the morning… I wish you to never experience that, it leads direct to burn out. I have kept this complicated excel sheet.

I sleep quite good now, even when i’m worried, but the very early morning is still a moment of thinking and creativity.

Andy, don’t you have a problem to breathe when sleeping ?

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That’s interesting Marie. I’ve heard similar stories of people who’s creative ideas and thoughts would come to them in dreams, and they would actually have a pen and paper beside their bed in order to quickly write any ideas down when they awoke.

Debs is friends with a very accomplished and successful local artist, who proclaims to paint real life locations, never having visited them in real life, but by visiting them through astral projection during sleep. - It freaks me out to think about it, but maybe that’s going off the subject a little.

Have a look at her website though! She’s very talented. The most ‘spiritual’ person I’ve ever come across.

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Whooo… I keep my feet on earth !! (though they’ll soon be in my bed… )

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For me it’s always been nightmares about earthquake and tsunamis (living by the sea)
they’ve been recurrent ever since I was a kid.

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It’s funny how much water features in people’s dreams. Must be that inherent fear of drowning. I know Debs frequently dreams about being on a sinking ship. - That’s why we’ll never go on a cruise.

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Only when the Mrs tries to suffocate me with the pillow if I’ve been snoring too loud after a night on the ale !!! :wink::joy::joy:


A few nights ago I dreamt I was eating at a restaurant and the waiters were actual kangaroos dressed as waiters.

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Are you for real?!! :laughing:

Those pouches would come in handy for holding menus.

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I’ve been on a.medecine for 18 months now that gives me very vivid dreams. They’re mostly very enjoyable dreams. And I always remember them very well.
Apart from 3 weeks ago when I had a series of scary nightmares for 3 days in a row. The ones that make you not want to get back to sleep in case they carry on where you left them and also follow you throughout the day and make you spend a crap day.

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You should tell us about your enjoyable dreams too. Saying that, which category do the kangaroos fall into?

Into the fun/ enjoyable box :blush:

So the night before last, I was in Haddington in Fish’s house, helping him with drawing plans for a house extension, and advising him with lots of paperwork (?).
Last night, I was still at Fish’s, he was being interviewed by a journalist for a radio, he had to sing 3 songs acoustically , and meanwhile all I was doing was looking all over the house and studio for his Converse (shoes) that he had lost.
Go figure this out :laughing::laughing::laughing:


The detail! :laughing:

Did you find the Converse?:laughing:

No!!! It was stressing! Ha ha ha think I’ve read too many of his posts lately!!

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What was last night’s dream Zaz? Ironing his kimono?

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