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Farewell to Childhood April shows - the final run and the return of the dancing bear

Having lost the 2 German shows at the beginning of the last tour due to viral infection and the 3 Dutch shows due to John Beck’s accident I had to find a way to fulfill the gigs and at the same time make sense of the logistics and expense of an awkward routing and venue…

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what about one or two date(s) in France ?


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What about the Convention ???


Yeah, c`mon Big Man. You know it makes sense.

" … some places we wanted to play such as … Edinburgh …had no suitable venues available "

a real shame : reflecting the shortage of decent music venues in the capital of Scotland ?

Almost 30 years since I witnessed the Misplaced Childhood tour at the Playhouse (January 1986). Maybe there will be a Edinburgh show in 2017 to celebrate the anniversary of the Clutching At Straws which I was also at in the Playhouse (December 1987) :smile:

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Ditto I was at both of those gigs too :slight_smile:

So has it shut down now ?

Playhouse is still there…I seen ultravox there a few years ago…
A great venue steeped in history:)

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Playhouse is well and truly still open Andy, although think more now used for Musicals and theatre, guess it just depends who books it. Think a lot of its down to its capacity (3000).
Bigger bands play bigger venues like secc or hydro in Glasgow, where as its just to big for smaller bands. Guess its just a totally different scenario now from say 35 yrs ago when there were mostly No bigger venues, that’s why you found bands playing maybe 2 or 3 nights at the playhouse.
So now bands obviously save time and money playing 1 big venue rather than 3 nights at a smaller venue.
Its a real shame now as it is a terrific venue IMHO :frowning:


Until the arrival of the SECC in Glasgow and the trend for playing bigger capacity venues the vast majority of gigs I went to were at Edinburgh Playhouse. A gradual shift to Glasgow based venues came about the start of the 90s when the Playhouse moved toward booking of musicals / West End shows. Its all about bums on seats.
Like Rab says its a different scenario nowadays. I mean a band like Gillan at the start of the 80s would be doing 35 - 40 date UK tours - Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and then working the tour all the way down through the major English cities and into Wales playing exactly these type of venues.
Fish wouldnt fill the Playhouse nowadays and booking it as a venue would be too costly / risky. Memories of Misplaced Tour in86 and later Clutching At Straws will always remain. Along with many other gigs - Kiss, Maiden, Ozzy, Y&T, Deep Purple etc.


Saw the show in Karlsruhe yesterday and as you can see we enjoyed it.