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Favorite perfume?

Which perfume is your favorite? I used so many but i like this Extrascent, So guys tell me which one you like the most?

Glade Summer Meadows

Or Brut 55 depending on my mood :wink:


High Karate.:smiley:

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Old Spice is also another classic :joy:

Something tells me we’re not taking this thread seriously. :thinking:

I’m partial to a dab of wintergreen on the back of the ears.

Who isn’t !???
All I’ll say is don’t sit to close to me, pre Manchester gig Paul :wink:

I’ll wear my Liverpool shirt. That’ll keep you away.

In Manchester and proberbly a match day , I dare you :wink:

Mate, if it was in a less cold month than December, I’d have my feckin shorts on as well.

Anyway, getting back on thread, you can’t beat a good splash of Zoflora on the armpits after a particularly grimy night at work.


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