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Feast Vinyl sold on Tour?

Hey everyone… Just want to ask if the feast vinyl double album will be sold on forthcoming gigs in Germany or if it’s only available at the online shop! :smiley: I want to make it a birthdaypresent to my brother and we’re going to see fish in Karlsruhe…but if it won’t be sold there I’d order it online. Anyone knows delivery times to Germany? Well my bro’s birthday is on 28th… Could be a bit to less time to arrive in time :grin: Thx everybody for replying.

the delivery from the online shop is always very fast !!!
I live in France and it generally takes 2 or 3 working days at most!
so if you don’t get it on the merchandising stall,take your chance on the online shop :wink:


It was still available at the Merch stand in Poland.

Germany: delivery time is about one week, depends on the payment method. So hurry up!

Und check den deutschen Merchandise-Store, vielleicht bekommst Du es da auch!

30,- €

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Thanks a lot for all your answers… I guess I’ll buy it at the concert… :smiley:

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