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Fish - Live at Buster Browns April 1990 (Radio Forth show)

Hi - this is my first post on the new version of the forum, so please be gentle!

I’ve been searching for this since the internet was invented, but I finally found a recording of the short set Fish done for Radio Forth’s “Live at Buster Browns” show in April 1990. It was so long ago, that I remember virtually nothing about it, and it’s very bizarre to hear it again. Anybody else remember being there or hearing this on the radio?

Given that it was on the radio, I figured it’d show up on the internet eventually, and here it is for anyone else who was there that day:

Set list is:

A Gentlemen’s Excuse Me
Sugar Mice
The Company
Internal Exile

It still sounds great - I remember it all sounded very fresh and exciting - we were all very young, bless us!

I think perhaps Jim Diamond performed on this afternoon as well… could be wrong though!

Anyway, enjoy and thanks to RTF66 for uploading it - it’s great to hear it again!



welcome Topaz and thanks a lot for sharing this :smiley: :thumbsup:


As Max Boyce used to say - I was there!.

And so was Jim Diamond - seem to remember him also being in The Hebrides bar after the show…

I drove 100 miles for this 4 song set. Was worth it though as Fish was really on top form back then.

It was a lunchtime gig but the nightclub venue was still packed out.

I taped the show also including the soundcheck which was quite funny “a bit more up my centre please Ange”.

Not sure Jim Diamond played, but when putting xmas tree away next week I shall check my loft for this recording and others that played that day.