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Fish - Ninkasi Kao 16/11/2014

Hi! :smiley:
I had to go to Lyon to see the Big Man but unfortunately the date seems canceled :frowning:
I heard it would be postponed to January 2015 .
Is there some news about it ?


Hey Eric. Sorry that you’ve missed out on the Lyon gig this time around.

Your’e right - all of the cancelled shows are being rescheduled for January. Once the dates are official they will be on tour dates page and Fish will post an announcement on the website and here.

Hey, thank you for the answer JohnSReid ! :wink:

you say "all of the canceled shows are being rescheduled for January"
Are you sure about that ? …Hope that there’s not only “a few” of the cancelled show :cry:

Many of us come to the show in Lyon, hope the Big Man will recover and come to Lyon to sing for us :smiley:

That’s the plan. There’s no reason that they won’t all be rescheduled but - as always - wait for the official news.