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Fish official Facebook group

We have set up a new Fish Official Group page here on Facebook where you can join and are free to post content and have discussions on all aspects of my lyrics, music and general career. It’s a place for fans to interract and create a community that I’d like to be interesting, engaging, illuminating and friendly.
Check out the ‘description’ panel on the new page for guidance and the simple rules.I’ll be joining in time to time and hopefully will be a regular contributor but this is mainly your space to communicate, interract and create.

If anybody would like to help with moderating the submitted content, please get in touch with my social media assistant Rob Skarin who’s put this together for you.

all the best



I don’t use Facebook. Never have, very unlikely I ever will. Not everyone wants to subscribe to it.

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Same here.Did for a few months. Didn’t like it. Won’t go back.

Funny this has come at the time when all my friends are deleting their accounts due to recent breaches of trust and privacy. Hardly flavour of the month.

without me…



Myself also. . . .

Not on Facebook.