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Fish Rehearsals have begun

From Fish’s Fb page today.

Just over a week into rehearsals and Doris arrived Monday for a couple of days working on bv’s with us.It’s been strange getting back into the swing of playing again but all falling into place and confidence is high.

Weird singing songs I last sang in a recording studio 30 years ago and which I never did live with the ‘Marillos’ as well as some solo stuff that hasn’t been performed for quite some time.

News that Leamington is now sold out together with Glasgow, Manchester and the first 2 London gigs and the others, including the 3rd London gig with only a couple of hundred left is adding to the excitement of the fast approaching tour.

The ‘Suits’ and Songs From the Mirror’ remasters arrive here on Friday and the tour merchandise is being delivered next Tuesday. I’ve not announced a pre sale on either as I hope to have the new website and shop open this weekend. It’s a new domain, which will be linked to the website to avoid confusion and we have revamped a lot of elements and simplified the ordering process with PayPal express as well as revisiting postage pricing which has been trimmed as much as we can.I think you’ll enjoy the new experience and we will be adding a lot more content as the weeks progress.I’ll let you know more as it moves into ‘live’ settings.

As you can probably understand it’s been a hecticated last few weeks so comms have been curtailed by the workload.More to add very soon once I clear rehearsals this weekend.


Look forward to ordering the remasters and t-shirt:)
Currently spinning the yang album,superb!

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