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FISH - Stirling warm up gig announced 6/12/17

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Is that anywhere near Lawrie and yourself?

Maybe before the gig a visit to Stirling Castle!

Or go and see Albion? :wink::joy:

Central belt Andy, Wednesday night :frowning2:
31 miles from myself and 55miles from Lawrie

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what about L.A.? We want Live Fish too!.. so take your little blue pill and come down to L.A.!

Stirling Gig Now Sold out! As announced by Fish on his FB page today.

What capacity was that then?

Only 200 Paul, Stirling Tollbooth.

Would have been on this like a fly on dog poo. However shut off from social media when on holiday and so sold out before I got back. Just have to wait the few days for Manchester. 117 days, 10 hours and 24 minutes!:slight_smile:


Can you be a little more precise next time Lawrie and quote the seconds ? :wink::sunglasses: