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Fish store issues from fb

Sincere apologies for yesterday’s mare of a launch. The server crashed due to too much traffic and when it was reset all the postage and packaging prices changed due to an automatic Royal Mail update The reconfiguration threw up some horrific anomalies and I decided to shut the mail order down as we would have been chasing our tails trying to sort out orders and fixing the problems at the same time.

When it was shut down we had only taken 150 orders and we will be contacting people if there are issues with those orders.Obviously we still have all the pre order numbers here so no one has lost anything but time.

The postage and packaging is all being rectified this morning and the shop will be back up on line by noon today (7th). By shutting the shop down we averted what could have been a major logistical disaster and I apologise sincerely for the inconvenience.

Rob Skarin and his father John were up till very late going through the issues and did a fantastic piece of work finding out what had happened and fixing the problems. Also a big thanks to John Reid for fixing the server issues.

There were some strange issues. One which raised an eyebrow was a postage charge to Andover UK for over £20 for a ‘CAS’ disc set. This was because the person had ordered from Greece on holiday and the GPRS on the shop had marked that as his postal address location. That has been now sorted and we will be in touch.

Rob will be posting an update on the mail order shop later but you can trust that we are doing our very best to make ordering as easy and as uncomplicated as possible. If there’s a yang to all this then there have been some problems identified that we hadn’t noticed before and the postage in some cases has come down.

As I said Elspeth and Simone will be going through all the existing orders today to check if they are all ok. They will only get in contact if there is a problem. If your order was completed you will have had an automatic reply already.If we have calculated that you have been substantially overcharged for postage we will send you a free copy of the new ‘Parley with Angels’ EP on the 20th September unless you say otherwise and want a refund.

Unfortunately a few customers have not been charged postage and we will get in contact to kindly ask that you make a payment through Pay Pal to cover those costs. Again we will send you an EP as a gesture of thanks and to compensate you for your inconvenience.

Again sincere apologies for this mess which took everyone by surprise and thanks again for your understanding and support with all this

take care stay alive

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