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Fish tour date Wolverhampton

This just popped up on my fb feed today - I guess more dates are incoming , the venue has got eager to announce before the Big Man :grin:

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Hung out with a couple of guys from Wolverhampton area at the last Marillion weekend, who invited us up if the opportunity arose.

Looks like a plan :wink:

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That’s on my fucking birthday !!!

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So are you coming up to the Wolves gig Steve ?

No, think i’m giving the whole tour a miss, not even Cardiff which is the easiest option.

I can’t do Wolverhampton either this time around :cry: I’ll be in Malta :beer::beer: so it’ll be the 2021 final tour for me

Any reason why ?

Just trying/needing to cut back on things.

I’ve been working 4 day weeks for the past 18 months and as much as i’m loving the shorter working week and extended weekends, it is making things tighter financially.

Also had a ‘big’ holiday last summer and spent more than i’d ever think of on a holiday, considering what we normally spend when going away, so still paying back on credit cards.

So i’m making the effort to cut back on purchases (cd’s, gigs, football, hi-fi), though still going mad on a Thursday playing pool😁.

The strange thing is (and especially as all of the fantastic Vigil is being played), i don’t feel that disappointed at missing out this time around.

If i hadn’t waited so long (and missed out on a ticket) i would definately have made the Edinburgh gig, as that would have been a special trip and was really excited about meeting the forum members, but for a gig just up the road in Cardiff i just can’t be arsed.


I can relate to that. Money is tighter, but I’m happier working 4. This Edinburgh gig will probably be the last for me, unless he comes to a very local venue.

Cutting back on a lot of purchases and frivolous things, so I can get in some nice short breaks away this year. It’s all about experiences and not possessions.

Steve, if you can get yourself to Dundee I will put you up / feed you and you can have my spare ticket for Aberdeen on March 13th. Cost would be transport from home to Dundee and back plus some beer vouchers.


Same goes for anyone else. Although no fighting over the ticket and Steve has first dibs on it as I have offered him.

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Thanks for your generous offer but i’ll probably be queuing at my local ‘soup kitchen’ that day :joy:.

I appreciate your gesture but will decline, thank you. :+1:

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No problem, Steve. We can do soup though.:wink: The irony of the thing is I mixed up my dates when booking tickets for Aberdeen gig, forgetting about it being a Wales v Scotland rugby weekend. I will not be in the Valleys for the first time in nearly 25 years.