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Fish Würzburg 29.10.2014


Great Pics Chris Thanks for sharing them Hope you had a Great Night :smiley:

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Great pics and great setlist. Hope you enjoyed.

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great pictures!!!
Thanks for sharing :wink:


Some great pictures Chris, especially the black and white ones :blush:
How did you rate the gig ?
I’m really looking forward to it in December its a cracking setlist :smiley:

According to Fish they had massive problems with the PA and he lost his glasses during the gig. I liked a very powerful Slainte mhath and Heart of lothian. The High wood suite was outstanding - I can not understand that some of my german fellows have problems with the lyrics or the pictures. Fish changed the setlist, instead of Blind the played The Company.

Last year at the beginning of the Feast-touring I was not very happy about the visual animations. But now I have to admit that the pictures intensify the music and Fishs gestures - I love them. And from a photographers point of view they give some really good options for great pictures.



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