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Fish's back catalogue being digitally released from Fish fb

Having been an artist whose debut album was on vinyl and cassette formats in the early 80’s I’ve found it difficult to embrace the vast technological changes that have occurred since I recorded my first song. With the advent of digital downloads and streaming I came to realise that I was being left behind and ignoring what was a huge potential audience the majority of whom were not aware of the music I’ve created over the last 35 years. The driving force behind most artists is the desire to have their music heard and I came to realise this year that it was time for me to take the leap into the digital world and with the help of James Cassidy and Jaba Music I’m proud to announce that my entire catalogue of 14 solo albums will be finally available for digital downloading and streaming on a variety of platforms from 1st June.

It’s an exciting prospect as I realise that there will be music listeners out there who will stumble on my material for the first time especially in territories where physical album releases are hard to get hold of. Having the entire catalogue available just as I go into the studio this summer to record my new album ‘Weltschmerz’ and with the ‘Clutching at Straws/Weltschmerz tour in Europe and the UK in the autumn having my catalogue digitally available is a wonderful asset. I’m really interested in the reaction from my fan base who have been suggesting this for a while now and I’m sure there will be some who are rediscovering what I’ve been up to over the years. Having all my songs readily available to be heard like this I find quite a heady experience much like when my first single was released with Marillion in 1982. A whole new world I’m happy finally to embrace.

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Why is there no picture of his best album on that montage?

Vigil? It’s already available on various platforms EMI have already cashed in on it

I know, but you’d just think it would have been put up there to make the image complete.

I too find it odd that the website/press release states ‘entire catalogue of 14 solo albums’ and then provides links to 14 albums (including live albums) and (as you have already said) doesn’t include ‘Vigil’. Surely that is part of the ’entire catalogue‘??? It’s like it never existed!

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Maybe Vigil isn’t there because of the terms agreed with EMI in relation to any Remaster etc ?

Has to be something legal. Was Vigil his only EMI release? I can’t remember.

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Without doubt this is the reason.

Reading back in the news section of the website I found this …”As EMI own the copyright to this album and the associated studio material I have to license it and get their ok on the finished product.”