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Fish's fb 29/8 Brexit and touring

Well here we go. I covered this a while back and now it’s very real as Boris appears to be pushing the ‘no deal’ scenario. This is going to totally screw me up as well as a lot of other fellow touring musicians. Just spent an hour inputting info to get an EORI number and need to get advice on the rest I need to sort out.

This is a bureacratic mare and I have told my agent to put the entire European tour scheduled for next April/May on hold until we find out just how this will hit us and how we work our way through it all. I have to consult accountants and others to work out how I can handle this.

It affects me on so many levels including manufacturing the new album ( deluxe books are manufactured in Poland). It may mean shifting production to Europe including the clothing merch which up till now has been manufactured in the UK by a firm who themselves will suffer as so many bands who use them will be in the same position regarding export/import duties.

I’ve only just discovered this on a update.

I’m not saying any more just now as I am still taking this in and am absolutely livid.This is a massive hit to the European touring industry and will kill off a lot of bands.

And I am still waiting to discover more about the mail order postage issues after 6 months of discussion with Royal Mail and others who appear to have no idea what’s happening.
Electronic customs date stickers? Hand written CN22 customs stickers? Constant returns of signed for delivered items and lack of response on claims that are logged as being in the system but now we have to ‘prove’ as being sent out.

It’s a fucking mess.

So does this affect UK shows/dates, or are they a separate thing?

No worries re. dates here.

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