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Fish's Pint of Doombar!

From Fish’s Fb page today.

As is my want and custom around straggling soundchecks I often have a wee wander for some soothing nectar for the ‘thrapple’. At first I thought the till was tied into the jukebox and then realised the lovely young lady behind the bar had just logged on.

I said to her " I gave you that name" to which she looked a bit bemused. "So your dad is a ‘Marillion fan’. The penny dropped and she was quite taken aback when she realised who I was. We had a photo taken together to show her Dad who she called later. He was blown away as was Kayleigh who gave me a pint of ‘Doom Bar’ on the house.

A definite first for me and a lovely coincidence. She told me she knew loads of ‘Kayleighs’ in the Portsmouth area and she even knew a guy with that name. As I said on stage later I hope it doesn’t end up like the story line in Johnny Cash’s ‘A Boy Named Sue’ :slight_smile:


Nice one Rab,cheers for that👍

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That’s great! Made my night reading that. :slight_smile:

… I want a Doom Bar now…

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Me to . . . . .:beers:


Not if it costs that much!:wink: